Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am on the road this week. I am in Jefferson City for a meeting for work. I work for the University of Missouri (did you see last night's game?) but I work from my home almost 5 hours away. Every so often, we all get together for a meeting. The good thing is seeing my co-workers (it's lonely working from home and not having a co-worker to grouch to) and I get to go to the outlet mall in Osage Beach. I stopped today and found a few deals but the prices should be lower on Thursday on my way home because of President's Day weekend.
I am comfy in my hotel room keeping an eye on the Biggest Loser and the tornado watch...thank goodness I am on the first floor......and trying to get motivated to do some grading for the on-line classes I am teaching this semester.

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Jess said...

oohh, I'm jealous! It's practically a vacation!!
Thank you for your comment about my letter! It is so nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with bull like this!
We are under a tornado watch also and out in Albuquerque they are getting snow!
I'm a little jealous of that too!
Enjoy your trip and happy shopping!