Friday, October 31, 2008

Holiday Shopping Expo 2008

Join Us for Holiday Shopping Expo 2008
November 1, 2008
CBT Southtown (in front of Wal-Mart)
Neosho, MO
9am - 3pm
Uppercase Living

Annie's Place Baby Boutique

Southern Living at Home
Mary Kay
Silpada Jewelry
Handmade Craft and decorating items

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Nester is encouraging a Handmade Holiday this year. I think this is great and most of my family is getting handmade from me. Check out my Etsy shop to see some of what we have been doing. (I'm still figuring out the linking thing between work, teaching and a 2 year old it's sometimes a challenge).

We are hosting a Holiday Shopping Expo on November 1 here in Neosho. Some handmade items, some from home businesses. Husband and I have been busy working on things. I'll add some photos here later today. My alarm is going off and I am sure it is going to wake up the little guy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Decor

Here are some photos of my Halloween Decor. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It has always been my father's favorite holiday so we all grew up enjoying Halloween and Halloween decorations. This is my mantle. I will try to take a photo with the lanterns lit. You can't see it very well from this photo but there is a super cute black and silver garland that I got from Oops! woven around the mantle. This is my collection of Gurley candles that belonged to my Grandmother. I have always loved these candles and I looked forward to her putting them on top of the tv every year. Any suggestions on how to get the pumpkin man to stand up? I tried sticky tak but it didn't help.
I found the stacking boxes at the Longaberger Bee in July. I thougth they were too cute to pass up. I love the cute witches, too.

I finally made my Halloween wreath last night. I intended to make it last year but A came to live with us in October and we had a lot of adjusting to do. I'll post the wreath tomorrow.
We haven't done much outside yet. Usually that is completed a few days before Halloween so it doesn't get torn down. My husband goes all out for the outdoor displays and this year we have a coffin to add to the display! We are very excited to see how it turns out.

Steal of a Deal!

I have been ocasionally looking at FourStates Home page classified ads to see what other have for sale that I might "need". I found this dresser listed yesterday. The owner wanted $10.00 for read it right $10! I called and husband is picking it up now. The middle drawer is missing the bottom which should be no problem for our fix-it friend. The mirror is perfect. I am not sure where we wil end up using it but it was too good of a deal to pass up. I'll show you what we decide to do with it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip to the corn maze

We went to the corn maze, near Newtonia, on Sunday with our third and fourth grade Sunday School class. A had a wonderful time running through the maze! It was a beautiful day to be outside. Look at that smile!
Keeping up with the group.
Are you coming?
The sandbox was a huge hit!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Virtual Uppercase Living Open House

We had our first Uppercase Living open house tonight. Welcome to the virtual portion of the open house. If you see something you like, leave me a message.

I made the "freedom" sign by staining a piece of barnwood with diluted navy blue paint. $15.00
The Trick or Treat plate is one of my favorites.
We sold the Love, Laughter, & Friendship plaque to our neighbors.
These pebble magnets are so fun. the magnet sets are $1 per letter.
The Joy frame set is perfect for up coming holiday decorating. $25.00
The Dream plaque is made on an artist canvas. I love the Play ball plaque, it's perfect for any little ball player.

After seeing all the white pumpkins this year, I had to make some. These turned out so cute. The orange Jack'0 lanterns are also Uppercase products.
PS. You can order any of these items and lots more from our Etsy shop

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Making extra cash.

I found a super easy way to make some extra cash. I read in my mom's Woman's Day magazine about a website called Cash4Books. It is easy to do. You send in the books and they send you a check or deposit the money in your paypal account. I have already made $50 from text books that companies send me to preview for classes I teach. I am going to hunt up some more and see if I can add to my stash in paypal. I could really use some fun money for the weekend!


After I posted the blog on Monday, I contacted our son's previous caseworker at her new job and asked for her help. She contacted the current worker who put her in touch with our atty. and she was called to testify. She was really good on the stand!!!! The judge terminated the rights and granted our adoption. We have a 45 day waiting period where the parents can appeal. Hopefully they won't. I was very worried that our little boy would be put back in harm's way because of caseworker changes. Our county does not have a CASA program but that will hopefully change. I was the coordinator for a CASA program for 4 years in another state and I have seen how important they are.
Thank you so much for your prayers. It means a lot to me. Please keep praying that the 45 days will go quickly and uneventfully.