Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

Yesterday we picked up Aaron's valentine photos from Belly Buttons on our way to NWA to do some shopping. I think Calotype captures his personality perfectly. If you are any where close to the southwest corner of Missouri, check out Calotype and Belly Buttons. We found a cute outfit for Aaron when we were there for the Valentine photographs. I hope it stays cool for a while so he can wear all of his clothes!
We went to Fayetteville and ate a AQ Chicken. Aaron entertained the other diners with his singing in the booth and then making a mess on the window. We also stopped in Rogers to shop and drop off discount coupons for Longaberger and Uppercase Living for the Just Between Friends consignment sale. If you are one of the first 500 at the sale, you can get a discount from us.
We didn't find much on Friday. Aaron got a Thomas DVD, but we didn't find anything else on our list, maybe next time.
We worked on Aaron's room this evening. He finally has curtains and I hope we will have everything in place soon. I'll post some photos soon. I think he is enjoying his big boy bed now.


Jess said...

He looks adorable!!

Come down some time and we can go to Canton together!!

mishebe said...

Very cute picture. mishelle

Kasey Hunt said...

so handsome!!!

Leigh Ann said...

He is SOOOOO cute!

Nancy said...

How handsome he is! You have a lovely Valentine!
You ask me about the pictures on my post..they came from country living and BHG...I love that rooster rug too! I would give almost anything to have one.
Blessings, Nancy

debbie said...

Aww...Look how cute he is!!!