Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One of those days

Its been one of those days. I have a theory about stray dogs and it has proved correct again. My theory is not to bring home stray dogs (people) because they either bite you or pee on the rug. I picked up a stray dog that I felt compelled to work with through work..... I knew the person from other situations and I had an opening. Never again. I feel betrayed and I really am considering dropping this person from my work load. The person is no longer a friend.


Jess said...

That SUCKS!!! Why do 'strays' have to be like that?
I'm glad my post made you feel a little better!
I hope today is better for you!

Shannon said...

That stinks. It is no fun being taken advantage of.

I tried to email you but cannot find your address. Mine is Thanks! I'm so excited!

~*Jenn*~ said...

I'm so sorry that happened and that you feel this way. I'm not entirely sure what the situation is, but I can guess and it really does suck :( I hope in time you'll feel a little better.

Beth said...

weird my comment didnt publish..

sucks that happed. you got to get rid of those negative people in your life though.

I am your partner for the book swap, can you email me your snail mail addy so I can get your package sent out to you?

Ashley said...

I hate when "sitiations" like that happen. I really understand how you feel!!