Saturday, May 2, 2009


It has been quite a week! I put together my "basket" for our Curves Relay for Life team and delivered it on Tuesday. I used an ivory Longaberger pie plate, a Longaberger small serving basket, a Longaberger entertaining cookbook, a Longaberger apron and a woven reflections longaberger bowl (see a theme here?). So glad to have that done and delivered.
We left Wednesday for a meeting for my work at the University of Missouri - did I mention that I work from home? Sometimes it's wonderful, sometimes not. Aaron and Joe went with me. We had fun at the hotel and even got Aaron to get into the pool just a little bit. We managed to squeeze in some shopping and found Aaron some great clothes in the next size up at a huge savings.
I'm hoping to post my kitchen photos for

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Shannon said...

Planting a pink and white dogwood together sounds SO pretty! Maybe I will get to try that sometime!