Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Photo

I took A. for his Christmas photo today at our favorite place Calotype Photography in Anderson If you live within driving distance, you seriously need to check them out! We won a family session there last fall and we loved them.

A. work up at 5 this morning and was in quite the mood when we went for photos at 10:30. Julie, the photographer, commented that "he is very kinnestic." He was in rare form. They will probably charge double the next time I book a session. He is active on a good day but today he was super hyped up and he only had milk and cereal for sugar in the cereal.
He is FINALLY asleep!!! Now maybe I can finish my monthly paperwork and get it sent to the office and then I am truly going to work on a garland for the fireplace. I was inspired by the nester . knows I have enough of that stuff in the basement!

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Glitter and Bliss said...

You be careful driving tomorrow. I think you might get more snow than we are expected to get tomorrow.