Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cleaning up

There haven't been many views this week. Rainy weather and duties at home have changed my schedule quite a bit. I am trying to get myself re-organized so I will be able to travel for the next few weeks. The beginning of the school year always presents a challenge for making visits to child care programs. We are preparing to paint the windows on our old home and gearing up for the Holiday Season with out Longaberger Business and out Uppercase Living business. We are still waiting for adoption to go through and hoping it will happen soon. It seems like everything with this process has been hurry up and wait, wait, wait!

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Shannon said...

Hi! It is always nice to meet a fellow Arkansan even if you don't live here anymore! :) Oops is right outside of Springdale in Tonitown. It used to be in Springdale on 71B right past the Fayetteville mall.