Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sometimes we understand a message when it is simply illustrated

Sometimes we understand a message when it is simply illustrated..

....and you question God - 'why me?'.....
always look at the bigger picture....

A day without the Lord - Is a day wasted.

God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor.

Thank God for the stuff that didn't hit you!


Stacey said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for leaving a comment today about the Great Heron. I had to tell you that we have "poor man's fish" ...truly! These fish are the original 12 cent fish that Paul bought when we built the pond 3 years ago. We were told to put in really cheap ones as a sort of sacrifice until the water was all balanced. They all lived. The only fish we've had die were some koi that we bought. Oh well. We'll stick with our goldfish - they are as tame as puppy dogs.

I saw your first day of school pictures. So precious!!

~*Jenn*~ said...

Great post Julie, and you are so, so right, sometimes a message illustrated IS so much easier to understand, thanks so much for taking the time to post this, it was just the eye opener I needed!

jenjen said...

Wonderful! Thanks for that thought today!


Anonymous said...

I so loved your comment on my post about your FP Nativity characters. What a delightful and meaningful toy. I know my grand girl loves hers.

I hope you had a great Christmas...and I wish you a wonderful New Year.

We are still having snow off and on...since Christmas Eve! Woo-wee...we have a bunch!